Matinee: Super 8

September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

My ventures to the cinema recently have been rather disapponiting to say the least, I cannot remember the last time I was honestly excited about going to watch a film in the cinema. It seems like my trips to the cinema have just become a routine or going for the sake of going with little interest in the film itself. However, among the droves of blockbusters and money spinners that continue to plague our multiplexes like a giant shit storm there was a genuine film that I was extremely excited about, J.J Abrams’ Super 8.

A grown up film, exploring grown up subjects with a lead cast with an average age of 14. These young children are not just good child actors, but great actors. This group of 6 young children have some serious talent, they’re funny, intuitive, honest and they have the ability to hold us in a scene and really draw us in no matter what they are talking about, wether it be innocently nattering in a diner or scheming together to save the world, these young kids have indeed set the bar extremely high for performances from such a young cast and I am looking forward to watching these young actors in future motion pictures.

You can clearly see  Steven Spielberg’s influence as the executive producer on this film, his figure prints are indeed all over it, its like a mix of The Goonies, E.T and Close Encounters. However, Super 8 is clearly all J.J Abrams’. His finest motion picture to date, Super 8 clearly demonstrates Abrams’ own autuer style of film making by way of his own trademark subtleties that continue to crop up in his work, his distinctive style is completely original and beautiful to watch. He too shares Spielberg’s penchant for small time charm and family, but done with his 21st Century and extremely cool style of directing. His action sequences are phenomenal, relentless, endearing and done with a pin point accuracy, the movie is exceptional for the train crash alone. Abrams’ writing is poignant, funny and full of heart, he seems to have come an extremely long way since his days of writing second rate 90s comedies such as Gone Fishin’ and The Pallbearer. J.J Abrams has established himself as one of the most genuine,important, humble and exciting film makers today, he has already resurrected two dying movie franchises in Star Trek and Mission Impossible and he hasn’t forgotten his roots in television as he continues to create, produce, direct and write prime time shows,  it seems like the sky is indeed the limit for Jeffrey Jacob.

Super 8 is a genuine contendor for movie of the year, full of action, humour, conspiracy, genuine horror and  emotion and with a beautifully nostalgic soundtrack. It is a authentic and honest film that  keeps you on your toes and reminds us that you don’t need block buster movie stars, you don’t need to trade storyline for action, you don’t even need an expansive budget to make a really great motion picture. It’s films like Super 8 that restore my faith in the future of cinema and slowly but surely, film makers like J.J Abrams are prolonging the life of authentic, honest and real cinema. Cinema may not be dead after all, as long as we keep Michael Bay and Zack Snyder away from the camera and convince them to stop making Hangover sequels and other obnoxious motion pictures, there may be hope for us yet.


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