Matinee: Where The Wild Things Are

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Films have a glorious power like no other performance or art medium in the entire world. They have the ability to transport you out of your humble seat in the cinema and take you on a fantastic journey through emotions and imagination and much more. They can ignite facets of your being that you didn’t even know you had. Film has the ability to make you feel old, young, happy, sad, innocent and powereful. Films are important, to a lot of people. However, for me, the thing that is the most important, are stories. Without truly great stories, motion pictures would cease to exist. And for me the greatest story and the most important to me is Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are.

When I was young, no older than 5 0r 6. I would go to sleep and dream of being Max in Where The Wild Things Are and going on my own adventures with the wild things and then during the day I would imagine my own land, where I was king of the wild things, running and bounding, enjoying my own wild rumpus. I have a terrible memory and I astound myself sometimes by how bad it is and the fact I can remember all this makes the story that more important to me.

16 years later, I can still be transported to that world of my childhood and still act like a wild thing, by way of the joyous, beautiful and astonishing film adaptation from Spike Jonze. Jonze brings out the child in all of us by bringing this magnificent story of imagination, anger, love, friendship and childhood to life in such a beautiful, fun and unique way. Jonze’s imagery and vision is complimented brilliantly by Karen O’s perfect soundtrack and re-invigorates your imagination and love for this story and these characters.Where The Wild Things Are is funny, compelling, emotional and I am truly glad that the most important story to me, is also one the most important films for me. It reminded me of a time, where everything was a little simpler, where we could worry a little less and play a little more. LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!!

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