9pm Showing: Die Hard

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

You’ve just come in from a hard day at work, your boss has been on your case all day. Your feet are sore, your mind is numb. You order your favourite meal from your favourite take-away and as you wait for it to arrive, you have a long relaxing bath, bubbles, candles, the lot. You let yourself soak. Unwind after a long day. You dry and change into your bathrobe and pour yourself a drink. The doorbell rings. It’s your food. You sit. Exhale. You have your drink. Your food and the scene is now set…Die Hard.

If you are of a different disposition or of another inclination you may reach for the Devil Wears Prada or 27 Dresses to help you relax after a stressfull day at the grind stone. But I am not. I’d much rather watch Bruce Willis with a full head of hair and a white vest, cracking wise and shooting the shit out of some European terrorists for 2 hours.

It is the ultimate feel-good Christmas movie that has everything. Action, humour, heart, decent performances and an inventive yet simple storyline. After over 20 years, there is still nothing that holds a candle to Die Hard, by means of high-octane, heart racing, superbly crafted action. But the brilliance of Die Hard lies within a certain Mr. Willis. The brilliance is the fact, that he is just your average Joe, slightly overweight, unfit, early signs of male patterned baldness, distracted, vice ridden and he still manages to kill all the bad guys, save the day and get the girl. He is an inspiration to all men out there. Die Hard is Bruce Willis’ bread and butter and he does it so well, his brilliant wit, charm, brutish leading man style and all with no shoes on. Fantastic. Alan Rickman’s clocks in a trademark pantomime villain performance, that too became his bread and butter, and to see the two of them play cops and robbers against each other makes for cinematic ecstacy.

Die Hard is a classic and everytime I watch it I find something new to like about it, Al Powell, Dwayne T. Robinson, “Come out to the coast, we’ll get to together, have a few laughs!” I could go on. Die Hard is a cinematic gem, you can keep your Jason Bournes, your Ethan Hunts, your John Rambos, your Sgt Martin Riggs and maybe even your Casey Rybacks. Its Detective Lieutenant John McClane everyday of the fucking week. Yippee-Ki-Yay, motherfucker!!

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