9pm Showing: Enter The Dragon

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are many moments in cinema that will forever be iconic, that will go down in history. Marlon Brando pleading that he coulda been a contender. Clark Gable not giving a damn. Bogart and Bergman having Paris and of course, Bruce Lee stalking the mysterious Han through the hall of mirrors in his seminal, Enter The Dragon.

His athleticism was unparalleled, his dedication and conviction were mesmerising and he was a movie star like no other. Enter The Dragon was not just Lee’s first film to be produced by a major Hollywood studio, but it was the also the first Chinese martial arts film to be produced by a major Hollywood studio and it still culturally significant today as it ever was.

Heavily influenced by the exploitation movies of the 1960s and 70s and James Bond, Enter The Dragon was monumental in laying the groundwork for the Martial Arts film genre. Enter The Dragon’s influence is not only seen in film but also in fashion, music, video games and Martial Arts itself.

Bruce Lee is just wonderful to watch, even for someone with little knowledge of martial arts, you can’t help but appreciate the man’s genius and overwhelming passion for his art. Bruce Lee was a truly awesome and dedicated performer. He is not just a fighter, but a ballet dancer, with grace and poise, he has a Charlie Chaplin-esque sense of humour and bags of acting ability. No body doubts Bruce Lee’s ability as a Martial Artist, but he was an extremely talented actor also.

Enter The Dragon is a masterful Martial Arts film, Robert Clouse’s use of the first person persective was years ahead of its time and with beautifully choreographed action sequences that stand up to those of today, even with all their wire work and special effects. Enter The Dragon is still one of the greatest Martial Arts films ever , it still looks as bright and as bold as he did almost 40 years ago, Enter The Dragon will continue to influence and boys and men alike, will rush to the shop to buy some nunchuks or make their own like I did, running around the park in your pyjamas, shrieking and wailing like Bruce Lee as you attempt to flying kick your brother.

Image courtesy of  dvdbeaver.com



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