9pm Showing: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s something remarkably comforting  about a really good story. The pure self-indulgence of escapism, the feeling of joy and wonderment that welcomes you with the turn of each page, being staggered by your own imagination as each brand new sentence invigorates your very core and you shake your head in disbelief as you don’t believe your eyes as you read on and on and on. Books stimulate your own independent imagination and thought and a film will always fail to encapsulate that. And as time moves on and years pass, people grow extremely close to these stories, people grow to love them to near obsessive levels. So what happens when a stout  yet brave Hobbit-like gentleman from New Zealand attempts to make a trilogy of motion pictures adapted from the greatest story ever told, the greatest series of books ever written.

Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings revolutionised to way we experience film. His meticulous attention to detail and sheer passion for this story is like no other, his contagious willingness to suceed, inhabits a cast and crew that like their director just want to do this story the justice it deserves. They want the films to sit alongside the novels, to be a part of the mythology and not just a by-product . This series is not about accolade or revenue, it’s not about acclaim or spotlight, its not about one person or nine, it is about Tolkien’s vision, life’s work and his world being immortalised in a representation that would be faithful to each of those 1137 pages of Tolkien’s heart, soul and imagination.

The Lord Of The Rings is not just the greatest story ever told, it is now arguably the greatest film trilogy of all time. The films give you that same comfort, expectation and that glorious sense of adventure scene after scene that the books delivered on each page. Howard Shore’s relenting, distrurbing, romantic near perfect score shares every twist and turn with you like a character itself . The ensemble cast bring Tolkien’s words and action to life with a genuine emotion, passion and conviction, a willingness to give all they can for the project, which is truly remarkable to see from such a huge cast, they embody the reality of each and evey one of Tokien’s characters. Peter Jackson brings this fantasy to life, as if fantasy had become reality, as if you’d visited the Shire and Middle-Earth before, as if this story was not one of pure fantasy and imagination but of reality. There can only be one lord of the rings, but I’m sure Tolkien and Jackson don’t mind sharing the top spot.

Image courtesy of thehobbitole.co.uk



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