9pm Showing: Saw

August 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was slightly fitting that the first time I watched Saw was in my friend’s cold, dark and damp garage on a pirate copy in black and white with Japanese subtitles. This was a lot of trouble and inconvenience for a 15 year old boy to go through to watch a movie, but the next 100 minutes were our award.

Saw’s clever approach to the psychological thriller was a breath of fresh air in a genre that seemed to be running out of it. Yes ok, you can tell the movie was shot on a shoe-string and in under a month, the acting is ropey to say the least and the direction is amateur at best. But its that independent, almost student film-esque sheen that adds this certain charm and attraction to the film, the same thing that attracted audiences to Roger Corman B-Movies back in the 1950s and 60s.

Highly influenced by films such as Seven, Saw’s macabre, shocking and ingenious storyline makes up for all its indiscretions, the fact it had a bad cast, an amateur director and no money. With grotesque violence, disturbing and desperate acts and a  final twist that caught us all by surprise, Saw is a small-time movie that will go on to influence a whole new generation of film makers.

The thing that ruined Saw, was the fact that it continued to attempt to out do itself. Each Halloween, audience members would flock to the cinema to watch the next ludicrous installment of the Saw franchise. But as they continued to churn out sequel after sequel each year, with a bigger budget, more elaborate and preposterous ways to slaughter someone with ridiculous storylines and character arcs to match, the more the attraction wore off,  to be honest we gave up caring and giving a shit, 4 or 5 movies ago. They should’ve known when to call it a day. They should’ve known when to call Game Over.

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