9pm Showing: 25th Hour

August 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States, for the past decade the States have been step by step, brick by brick re-building themselves slowly but surely back into what it once was before that day ten years ago. The only thing that can’t be rebuilt is the nation’s feeling of group paranoia.

25th Hour encapsulates that overwhelming feeling of paranoia perfectly, reflected through Edward Norton’s struggle in his last night as free man before his incarceration. A film that explores morals and principles, human relationships and as paranoia turns to hate, hate turns to desperation and it makes for electrifying viewing.

Spike Lee’s first film post 9/11, set in Spike Lee’s post 9/11 New York City is a long way away from bouncing through Bed-Stuy in Do The Right Thing. Spike Lee has never been the most chipper of directors, continually concetrating on race relations and urban crime life that makes for disturbing viewings, yet it tends to come with a side order of a great, dark sense of humour. 25th Hour is an angry film, with a certain sense of irony. Norton’s character represent’s the frame of mind of all New Yorkers and indeed New York itself after 9/11, a sense of unattachment and not belonging anymore.

Spike Lee’s aggresive yet sensitive directing style, mixed with deep and angry characters contemplated by a Jazz score laced with an arabic influence makes 25th Hour a perfect representation of post 9/11 New York, one that doesn’t want to rebulid itself but wants the whole city to crumble underneath itself.


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