Matinee: Ratatouille

August 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Since Toy Story was released by Pixar in 1995, this marked a new era of animation in film. Pixar were indeed the new kids on the block, since the heavyweight Walt Disney Studio had already wrote, published and autographed the book on mainstream film animation. But Pixar were different, very different. Instead of concentrating on the musical, animated, fairy tales that Disney had continued to churn out for the past 80 years, Pixar focused on much more real protagonists, more grown up situations but still with that same juvenile innocence and charm that had been offered by Disney. And audiences loved it. And the apprentice had indeed become the master, therefore like any well-respected megalomaniacal company Disney bought the competition. However, Pixar continued to make groundbreaking work in the field of animation and I think they really enjoy the fact that even though they are partners, Pixar remain to be the anti-Disney. Since the Academy Awards introduced their award for best animated feature in 2001, Pixar have won the award 6 times out of their 8 nominations, winning it the last 4 years in a row, which started with 2007’s Ratatouille.

I freaking love this film.

The animation is beautiful, I mean that really goes without saying. The humour can both relate to children and adults alike, which has indeed become a Pixar tradition. Even though they are animated the characters have a real depth that make you really care and respond to them as if they were indeed real and not animated. You want Remy and Linguini to suceed, you want Chef Skinner to get caught. You want to guy to get the girl and you want the rat to carry on cooking.

Ratatouille is charming, heart-warming, funny, sad and is a beautiful grown up animation that everyone can enjoy and above all else it’s just good fun which is really all you ask for from a animation movie. It’s just remarkably good fun to watch and enjoy.

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