9pm Showing: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last week, saw the release of the highly anticipated J.J Abrams movie Super 8. One can’t ignore the similarities between Abrams’ Super 8 and its own executive producer’s masterpiece that was released 34 years prior, Steven Spielberg’s brilliant Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

To me Close Encounters is primarily about obsession, one man’s obsession to figure out the truth. Spielberg’s childlike eye allows the viewer to be innocent, to be drawn in, to believe. And you too feel Richard Dreyfuss’ need to know the truth. Aswell as obsession Close Encounters draws open some rather distressing subjects such as abduction, loss, death, separation and it’s because Spielberg has this childlike intuition, desire and curiosity that makes for such harrowing viewing.

Spielberg has cemented himself  as probably one of, if no thee best film director of all time and for me its his work with science fiction and fantasy that is truly remarkable. Like Dreyfuss’ character Spielberg too shares this obsession and enthusiasm for this story. Which in itself is remarkable, well thought out, extremely clever and highly influential. From The X-Files to Communion to Independence Day to Flight Of The Navigator to the brand new Super 8, they all owe everything to Close Encounters, it wrote the book on how alien abduction moves should be made from that day forth. And it has stood the test of time, the performances are still exceptional, the John Williams score is still beyond phenomenal and the hairs on the back of your neck and arms still stand up everytime you see the swooping form of the spaceships. It is just Spielberg at his finest. Science fiction at its finest. Cinema at its finest.

Image Courtesy of amovieaweek.com



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