9pm Showing: Zodiac

August 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

A rather delayed initial post probablybecause of my own reluctance, possible lazyness or sheer distraction by other tasks. However, here it is, coming at a time of civil unrest I chose to merely enjoy the next 151 minutes of sheer brilliance. Zodiac stunned audiences 4 years ago by telling the true story of a serial killer that plagued the San Francisco Bay area of California between the 1960s and 70s.

When David Fincher is at the helm of any movie, you already know it’ll be a treat for the senses and I believe Zodiac eclipses his previous work tenfold. His sincere attention to detail and beautiful choice of shots narrate the story of the Zodiac perfectly. Zodiac is chilling, tense, engaging yet with a humane wry humour that sees you gripped for the next two and half hours, sometimes with a jaw dropped, pearing through your fingers feeling of apprehension of what will hapen next.

Fincher’s direction matched with James Vanderbilt’s spectacular journalistic screenplay which is beautifully brought to life by a brilliant ensemble cast. My admiration for Robert Downey Jr will never be silenced and he certainly does deliver in a great supporting role and Jake Gyllenhaal plays shaken and distressed while remaining relatively dreamy, but it’s romantic comedy favourite Mark Ruffalo that clocks in a career defining performance and blows his peers completely out of the water. Throughout his performance he continues to prowl like and early Brando, stalking each scene with an air of arrogance mixed with a definite humanity, humour and sweetness.

Zodiac is above all else  a detective, cat and mouse story, that plays out effortlessly on film juxtaposed with a melodic and sombre soundtarck that gives the film that extra je n’ais ce quoi. David Fincher’s dark genius has been known since the mid nineties and now that he has been given a stellar cast, a little money and the backing to tell the story his way, he can produce exemplary pieces of cinema such as Zodiac.


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