Celluloid Nostalgia

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to Celluloid Nostalgia. A cinema and popular culture review blog,  written by someone that doesn’t pretend to be an expert or even have much exprience in this particluar field of interest. Armed with with just a 32″ grey box, a few discs, an open mind and a closed fist. Celluloid Nostaglia looks at cinema and related areas without the patronised, arty-farty pretense and just tells the truth.

Celluloid Nostalgia will consist of daily posts commenting on the films that I have watched that day. They fall under the following titles.

Matinee– I am currently in the process of searching for a full time job after recently graduating from university. Therefore I have plenty of free time on my hands, the posts under the title Matinee  will review a certain film I have watched to fill up all the free time I have during the day.

9pm Showing-My girlfriend (http://wardrobeblock.wordpress.com) who is lucky enough to have a full time job, has to wake up rather early in the morning, so by 9 o’clock, she’s fast asleep. So, I turn to my DVDs, the filmsI choose to watch tend to be my personal favourites and are films that I thoroughly enjoy watching and will continue to for years and years.

Also, I will also post weekly feature posts that review what I’ve seen at the cinema and also articles on why I love certain actors, directors etc and a weekly Top 5 countdown.



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